HomesFund understands there is a growing need for workforce and affordable housing in La Plata County Colorado. As a non-profit geared toward workforce and affordable housing we work with local City and County governments along with affordable housing builders to bring more units to market to help address the current affordable housing shortage.

If you are interested in upcoming workforce or affordable housing projects in La Plata County, please enter your information below to be added to the “interest list.” This list will be shared with various local city and county governments, as well as affordable housing developers/builders as a tool to help plan, build, and distribute future workforce and affordable housing units.

Entering your information to the “interest list” is not a guarantee that you will receive housing, as each project will have its own qualification guidelines. Joining the interest list will ensure that you are notified of upcoming projects and the processes involved to qualify for each specific project.

Workforce/Affordable Housing Interest List

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