Attend a Homebuyer Education Class

Please read and follow instructions carefully in order to avoid enrolling and paying for the wrong class.

Homebuyer Education classes are available to anyone who wants to prepare for homeownership.  Some clients are required by their 1st mortgage lender or down payment assistance provider to take Homebuyer Education Class.  If your mortgage lender or down payment assistance provider are requiring that you take Homebuyer Education class it is very important that you enroll and take the correct homebuyer education class that will meet the specific loan requirement.   Please ask you lender which type of loan you have and enroll in the corresponding Homebuyer Education Class.  If you have questions or are not sure which class to enroll in, please call HomesFund 970-259-1418 before enrolling.

Homebuyer Education class should be the first step toward your goal of Homeownership.  Class is a great way to gauge your readiness to purchase as well as learn about the various steps involved in purchasing a home.  Whether you take one of our in-person, or online classes we are sure that the information provided will help you make educated decisions throughout the home buying process.

HomesFund In-Person Homebuyer Education Class

We are back to offering in-person class with Covid restrictions in place.  Masks are no longer required in classrooms and other indoor spaces. For a variety of reasons, you may see many members of our community still wearing masks.  As we have done throughout the pandemic, please be respectful and understanding of your peers and colleagues.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the in person class we are still offering the Ehome America online version of Homebuyer Education Class for free through October 31st 2022.


Available for clients using:

  • All CHFA Mortgages
  • HomesFund Down Payment Assistance (only offered in La Plata, Montezuma, Archuleta, San Juan (CO), Dolores counties) .
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • USDA Direct

Cost: $15.00 ($13.90 workbook fee) + $1.10 (tax)

Oct 15
Oct 29
Nov 05
Dec 10

Ehome America Online Homebuyer Education Class

Due to the Covid 19 Virus CHFA (Colorado Housing and Finance Authority) is offering a coupon code to take this class for free.  You will receive this coupon code during the registration process.  This coupon code will expire on October 31st 2022.  A follow up phone counseling session is also required before we can issue a certificate of completion.  This phone session must also be completed by October 31st 2022, to ensure that you are not charged for the class.

Available for clients using:

  • All CHFA Mortgages
  • Clients using HomesFund Down Payment Assistance during COVID19 virus outbreak until October 31st, 2022.  Starting November 1st, 2022 these clients will need to attend the HomesFund In-Person Homebuyer Education Class.

Cost: Free until October 31st, 2022.  Starting November 1st, 2022 the cost will be $75 per user

Framework Online Homebuyer Education Class

Available for clients using:

  • Fannie Mae Home Ready Mortgage
  • Clients who are NOT using HomesFund Down Payment Assistance.

Cost: $75