Animas City Park Overlook (ACPO) Deed Restricted Townhomes

Animas City Park Overlook

Mixed-Income Residential Development

HomesFund is accepting applications from households interested in purchasing deed restricted units in the Animas City Park Overlook (ACPO) townhome development.

This walkable, infill residential development consists of 22 townhomes in a very attractive and multi-modal location in the North Main Gateway urban renewal area. Ten of the units will be designated for ownership or rental by our community’s workforce! Four units will be available for purchase at a reduced price by households making 120% AMI or less. An additional six units will be occupied as the primary residence of a local worker or long-term resident of the community.

This project is a pioneering and replicable example of how the URA and other community institutions can partner with private sector entities to accomplish community objectives, specifically the creation of vital workforce housing.

If you are interested in the workforce units in the ACPO development, you must complete a HomesFund Interested List Application Form – HERE.

The Durango Renewal Partnership (URA) wishes to thank the City of Durango, La Plata County, School District 9-R, the Business Improvement District (BID), the Animas Mosquito Control District, SEH Inc., and HomesFund for their crucial contributions to the project. Without all these partners, the project would not be possible.